Q-ZAR LASER TAG - rohnert park


​If your group has 10 or more players take a look at our party packages above...

  • Each laser tag game is only $8 per player.

  • 3 games of laser tag and a drink is only $20 per player. That is our Zapp Pass and it takes about 90 minutes to 120 minutes to play all three games.

  • For walk in customers we suggest reservations ONLY if your group is 10 or more players.

What is a Q-ZAR Laser Tag game?

​There is an intergalactic battle taking place and you have a chance to take part! Two

teams battle each other in space trying to tag each other while also trying to deactivate the

enemy's headquarters. Each laser tag mission lasts about 25 minutes and up to 36 players

can play.

What is the Space Arena like?

​Our Q-ZAR arena is about 3800 square feet with blacklights, high energy music and laser

enhancing mist. There are also pulsating lights, sirens and lasers in our maze like space arena.

How long is each Q-ZAR Laser Tag Mission?

5 Minute Safety Briefing and Instruction

​15 Minutes of actual game play in our Space Arena

5 Minutes of taking off your equipment and checking your scores

Is there an age or height requirement?

​Our Q-ZAR Missions are for players ages 6 and above and at least 45 inches in height. Each player wears a vest and phaser and for the shorter players the vest is too long and cause them to trip and fall - so we have a height requirement.

I'm a walk-in customer - how does it work?

​Show up any time during our hours of operation and you will be able to play (remember we are closed to walk-in customers Monday-Wednesday). When you walk into our building, on your left hand side is our Waiver Station. Each and every player must have a waiver filled out before you can play. We do not keep our waivers on file so you will need one filled out each day you play. After you complete your waiver bring it up to the front desk and let our Q-ZAR staff know how many Q-ZAR Missions you would like to play. Once the purchase has been made you will get a receipt showing how many Missions you have selected. Next, you bring that receipt to our ref at our Scheduling Station and they will put you on the schedule and let you know what time your Mission is. At the scheduled time of the Mission you will here us calling the game over our PA system. Just bring your receipt to our Briefing Room door and you will be allowed entry into that Mission.

If I show up how soon can I play? Will I have to wait?

​We run a Q-ZAR Mission about every 20 minutes and we have a maximum of 36 players in a game. If you have a group of 10 or more players we suggest you call ahead and make reservations - if you do not there is chance you may have to wait longer than expected.

What should I wear?

​We suggest that you dress comfortably. There are no clothing restrictions except you can not play barefoot.

4 Padre PkwyRohnert ParkCA 94928, USA